Protecting Homes At Risk Of Flooding.

May 7, 2012
Weather forecasts can be traumatic if your home is at risk of flooding but there are steps you can take to lessen or even eliminate that risk. The walls of your home will keep water out, the only problems are the holes in the walls, lots of holes, holes where there are air bricks, holes where there are drainage pipes, holes where there are external doors, front door and back door, patio doors if you have them. Blocking up the holes will stop the water coming in so rather than staying awake worrying about the rain it's a better to do something about flood protection.

Flood protection air bricks and non-return valves on drainage pipes will stop flood water coming in through the air bricks and drainage pipes, and door openings can be made flood-proof by fitting specialized flood protection doors. Flood doors can be expensive but that's not necessarily so if you buy direct from the manufacturer. If you were thinking about replacing your old front door or back door for around an extra £400 you could have an Environment Agency approved StormMeister Flood Protection Door. Details about StormMeister Flood Protection Doors can be found by visiting


How Can I Protect My Home From Intruders?

April 26, 2012
Upgrading to high security locking is perhaps the most obvious way of protecting your home but is that enough? The answer is quite simple, high security locking in your front or rear doors isn't much good if the door can be knocked off its hinges or the panels kicked in. That's why the HomeSafe Intruder Protection Door has been designed as an integrated home security door, the high security locking system engages on the hinge side as well as the handle side, AND the frame and panels are reinf...
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